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To contact a member of staff click on their name and then choose the contact method i.e Forum PM, Steam message, Email ect...
Please contact the 'Game Admins' for any game related queries.

HA  [Chief Executive Officer]  E-Do  [Euro Domination]
Vinny Real Name: Matt - Staff and Operational Management
- Forum Administration and Moderation
- Incidents and Fixture Support
- New Game Development and Planning
- Ban Management
Country: England
Age: 28
Admin Since: Oct 2006
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DA  [Chief Operating Officer]  E-Do  [Euro Domination]
stiggz Real Name: Daniel - Forum Administration and Moderation
- Operational Management
- Clan Registration
- New Game Development and Planning
- Marketing
Country: England
Age: 26
Admin Since: Mar 2010
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PM  [Accounts Director]  E-Do  [Euro Domination]
Swede Real Name: Daniel - GUID/Steam Checks
- User Account Management
- Ban Management
- PunkBuster Configs
Country: Sweden
Age: 34
Admin Since: Oct 2007
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Dev  [Developer]  E-Do  [Euro Domination]
steee Real Name: Steve - Website Development and Documentation
- Website Support
Country: United Kingdom
Age: 29
Admin Since: Sep 2012
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bot  [Euro Domination Bot]  E-Do  [Euro Domination]
Oracle Real Name: Oracle - Private Messages and Notifications
- Will NOT respond to PMs
Country: United Kingdom
Age: -
Admin Since: Sept 2007
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