General Game Rules • Contents

**** UPDATED November 2nd, 2011 ****


The game rules you can read below are rules that apply accross all games in Eurodomination. For Game Specific Rules, click on one of the buttons on the top.

Before the battle starts

A clan needs at least 6 members with a GUID/SCID cleared for the game they want to play a match for.

Late Arrivals / No Show
The maximum waiting time for a match to start is 10 minutes. If after 10 minutes one clan is short on numbers (see above), they are forced to start. If the opposing clan does not turn up within 5 minutes after the official match start time, the clan that is waiting is required to search for the opponent by means of instant messaging (e.g. xfire) or by posting a comment on the fixture page.

If the opponent did not show up at all after 10 minutes, a default win can be claimed on the website with reason "no show". If it turns out the opponent made a human error (e.g. waiting on the wrong server) and the other clan made no effort of trying to contact the opponent, the default win will not be awarded and the match has to be rearranged.

There is one exeption to the rules above. If a clan shows late for a match due to problems in a previous E-Dom match that were not caused by this clan, the match can start later. The clan being late must post this in the next match comment section at least half an hour before the match start time. If the new start time is too late for either clan, the match needs to be re-arranged. This can be done by posting a mutual agreement on a new date/time in the fixture comments.

E-Dom Match Servers and Voice Servers
E-Dom has game servers available that can be used in case of problems. There is also a Teamspeak server available in case a clan has problems with their own voice server. If you want to use this facility, contact an admin for the details and/or a private match channel.

Player Names and Clan Tag
Each player must wear the correct clan tag. Your name however only has to resemble that of the one used on E-Dom. For example: [E-Dom] Player -> [E-Dom] pL4Y3r, [E-Dom] pLyRrRR. If you wish to have an alias this MUST be placed as a note on your clans member list.

Fielding unknown players
It is not allowed to field players not showing on your clanroster. When you do this, you will forfeit the match.

In case your player is pending for being on your roster you have to come to a mutual agreement with the other team whether he is allowed to play or not. The same rule applies for GUIDs pending and not being cleared yet.

Taunting and Global Chat
Using the in-game taunting/voice chat feature is not allowed. Global chat should only be used for necessary communication between clans. Using global chat for any other purposes may result in a warning or temporary ban, especially if the opponent asked for it to stop.

However this does not mean friendly banter is not allowed.

Connection Issues
If there are major issues involving multiple players lagging, loosing packets etc. a change of server may be requested. An agreement between the clans must be shown in the match comments, then change server and give "Connection issues" as the reason for doing so.

Leaving Early
As a matter of sportsmanship at Eurodomination, you are required to play until all rounds are finished. Next to that, round difference is a factor in most of our competitions. If you leave early you will forfeit the remaining rounds. Repeat offending of this will result in a warning and further punishment if a clan continues to do so.

Draw (Overtime)

Please consult the relevant tournament Rules:
League Rules
Competitive Ladder Rules
Open Ladder
Cup Rules
Good Conduct Ratings
E-Dom operates a Clan Rating system for good conduct. This measures and displays for all to see the Friendliness and Punctuality of each clan. When clans enter their match result, they can indicate their opponent's Punctuality and Friendliness.

Match Forfeits
Clans will get a warning for 2 forfeits to the same clan in a week without a valid reason and for 4 forfeits in 3 weeks against different clans without a valid reason. Repeated violation of this rule will result in appropriate punishments.

If there is an unresolved dispute about the match then either clan can indicate this by entering a match conflict on the fixture page. We have a cool down period, which means that disputes can only be entered on the day after the match.

Note: a clan is not required to give out a demo on request by another clan. The conflicting clan has to enter a match dispute on the website and E-Dom admins will request demos when necessary.


If a problem occurs:
1. Consult the rules and try and resolve the issue between yourselves.
2. Contact a member of the admin team if you and the other clan can't come to an agreement.

Note that this can only be done in the pre-match ready up phase, or in the half time ready up phase. Leave any problems that occur during the match, until half time or until after the match. Never cause an argument during the match, even if your clan is not the offender. If no admin is available, the match should be continued whenever possible and demos/screenshots will provide proof for possible further investigations after the match.

Match Fixing

Fixing matches/match results at any time will cause a permanent clan ban from Eurodomination. Those who played the match will be temporarily banned from Eurodomination for the time of 6 months. The rest of the players on the roster, will be removed from the clan.

Multiple infringements will result in a permanent player ban for those involved.