Euro Domination General Rules • Contents

**** UPDATED Nov 1st, 2010 ****


Clan registration
The clan leader first needs to register him/herself on the Euro Domination (E-Dom) website. He or she will then get the option to register a clan.

Requirements for new clans to be accepted:
- An online presence (website), we do accept steam and facebook groups as evidence providing it is a public group
- At least 5 clan members shown on the website
- A clan server on which the battles can be played

A new clan that meets these requirements, will usually be accepted within 24 hours. Once accepted, a clan can play in one or more of the following competitions:
League Euro Domination League in which clans fight to occupy the countries of Europe in a divisional setup ordered by clan skill level.
Ladder Open Ladder, for short term open challenges against any other clan registered on Euro Domination. Often used as a means to get practice matches or as a replacement for scrims.
Tournament Road to Victory Tournament, runs periodically for around 10 weeks, in which clans play one match per week per gametype in a group setup.
Cup Cups, run inbetween League/Tournament seasons and each cup lasts approximately for one or two nights. The cups are typically of a single elimination knockout format where the last remaining team is the winner.

All clans are required to have a valid website and visible clan roster while they are participating in Eurodomination Competitions and/or Ladders.
If it has been found out that a clan does not meet these requirements while competing in our competitions and ladders, they will be asked to get this done as soon as possible. The deadline is 3 weeks, failure to comply will result in a removal from all Eurodomination Competitions and Ladders.

Player registration
Clan members have to register on the E-Dom website. It is the responsibility of the clan leader or a clan deputy to add his players to the clan roster.
New clan members have to wait three days before theyare cleared to play, unless:
- The PB GUID alias history shows that the player has played for this clan for at least three days already
- The clan is new and not active in the league

Note: the same rules apply to a player that has been cleared in the past for a different clan or team.

Player GUIDs
Players can submit their own GUIDs. One in a clan, the clan leader or a clan deputy can also submit GUIDs for their members. All GUIDs will be validated and checked against the PBBans, PunksBusted and Game-Violations ban lists.
arrowHow to find a PB GUID
arrowWhat does the "Play?" column on my clan roster mean?
arrowE-Dom Ban Policy

Returned Cheaters
If any clan, adds to their clan roster an ex-member who also happens to be a returned cheater (a player with a Euro Domination ban who has registered a new account), then they will receive a punishment of a 1 month ban.
Clans that have made 4 or more efforts to bring a cheater back to their clan, will be permanently banned from Eurodomination. Their leader(s) and deputy/deputies, will be temporarily banned for 6 months.

Banned Clans
Any clan that is banned from Euro Domination will not be able to join any new competitions or play any matches. Furthermore, no matter how long the timespan of the ban, the team will also be disqualified from any leagues and tournaments they are competing in. Futhermore, all ladder matches will be defaulted.

Multiple teams per clan
Large clans can register two separate teams following these guidelines:
- The team tags vary in some way;
- The rosters of both teams are different;
- Players NEVER interchange between teams;

If a clan has multiple teams for 1 game(type) they can start in another division if possible. Another team for the same game(type) means it is compulsory to have a different roster. No players are allowed to be switched during the season.

Competitive Ladder
A clan can have multiple teams in a ladder, but also need to have a different roster and no player-switching between.

Open Ladder
A clan can have multiple teams and player switching is possible. However, playing eachother is not allowed.

Because Cups are between seasons most of the times, teams who are entering the cup with multiple teams, can not switch their players rosters untill after the upcoming season.

Given the possibility of abuse and match-fixing for a match between two teams from the same clan in the same competition, it will be mandatory for demos (where available) to be provided to allow us to confirm the legitimacy of the match. If abuse is identified, whether after a week or after a year, or demos are not provided then the entire clan (both teams) will be liable to sanction up to and including permanent E-Dom bans for the clan.

Third party programs
The use of any program that allows you to tweak/improve your game, unless cleared by a Head-Admin, is forbidden from now on. This includes programs like RivaTuner that allows you to tweak texture settings.

We at E-Dom will endeavour to create an active, friendly and very competitive competition. We intend to do this by screening any clan who wants to join. All clans attempting to join E-Dom will need to be professionally run, with a website, a method of contacting the Clan Leader (e.g. IRC, Teamspeak, MSN or Xfire).

The clan server(s) should follow E-Dom rules and their members should be respectful to other clan members and admins. No abusive taunting or spamming during a battle. If you have any issues, save them until after the War when the Clan Leaders can speak with each other in private.

E-Dom will be carefully policed and monitored - we will run this competition fairly and at the same time making it fun. Any players not playing within the rules of E-Dom will be banned from playing in the competition.