Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Rules • Contents

**** UPDATED March 8th, 2016 ****

Server Setup

Server setup
The server should meet the following requirements:
- The latest official version of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.
- The latest version of the E-Dom Match Config has to be running. See the downloads page.
Euro Domination has one ruleset, 'Classic Competitive'. They are available in the following competitions:
Ladder Ladder: open challenges can be created with option for one ruleset, to be selected by the accepting clan.

Rounds per match:
In a 5v5 ladder, MR_15 will be used. This means that each half lasts for 15 rounds.  

The following gametypes are available in the following competitions
Ladder Ladder: 5v5 Bomb Defusal

In Bomb Defusal, the map / first half will end after 15 rounds. Fast_restart, switch sides and play the second half.

Demo recording
Each player in a battle must record a demo and keep it for at least 7 days. Demos may be requested by E-Dom admins for any reason.A demo can be recorded by entering the command record [filename] in console.

Before the battle starts

Server & STEAM checks
-To check the Steam IDs, this will need to be done once the match has finished. To check Steam IDs, open the Steam In-Game client Click 'Players' and select 'Previous Games'. Open a Steam Web Browser windows and navigate to to find the fixture. Click on 'Check Server and GUIDs' and use the list of cleared players to check the profiles against those shown in the 'Previous Games' list. If a incorrect player is found wha has played in the match the clan should provide screen shots as proof and make a dispute.

Short on numbers
If one clan is short on numbers they can play if they meet one of the following conditions:
- In the case of a 5v5 match, the clan is no more than 2 players short. For example, if the squad size is 5v5 then a 3v5 is allowed but a 2v5 is not.
Unless otherwise agreed by both clans, the following rules apply:
- Each clan can substitute max. 1 player whilst the match is live for any reason. If this player was not on the roster, the clan that substituted the player will forfeit all rounds after the substitution.
- A player that gets disconnected or disconnects from the server, is allowed to rejoin the match at any time, unless he has already been substituted during the match.

Map Bugs and prohibited weapons
The exploitation of the following bugs is strictly prohibited:
- Map glitches, boosting and other forms of taking advantage of holes in the game which the developer did not intend.

If a clan uses any of the above, they will:
- Lose each round in which a violation occured for round based gametypes.

It is strongly advised to make screenshots of half time and end time scores. This will prevent disputes over scores and helps the admins do their job. This can be done simply by hitting F12 (default steam screenshot) to make a steam screenshot.

Match timeouts
Every team has the possibility to ask for a time out once at any time during the match for any reason. When a time out has been requested, the next round will be the time out round (Remember the score at that moment, screenshots are useful). A time out period has a maximum of 5 minutes/2,5 match rounds. After the Time out period, the server will be fast_restarted and the remaining rounds of that half will be played.

Entering the result
After the battle has taken place, one of the clans should log into the E-Dom website and enter the result in the Battle Planner, the other clan will accept it by the same method. If the result is not confirmed by either team at the end of the day after the match, it will be confirmed automatically by the system.

To request an oppenent to upload a demo, you must create a match dispute with a clear explanation of why this request has been made. All uploaded demos will be reviewed by impartial Euro Domination admins only. Demos must be recorded by each participating player during the entirety of every Euro Domination match. Every player is expected to save their demo for at least 7 days after each match.

If requested by a Eurodomination admin, demos must be uploaded. Failure to upload demos will result in penalties.

Failure to submit a demo related to a cheat accusation:
1st offense: Default loss and a 2 week warning
2nd offense: Default loss and 2 week match ban
3rd offense: Default loss and 3 month match ban

Failure to submit a demo related to another issue:
1st offense: 2 week warning
2nd offense: 2 week match ban
3rd offense: Default loss and 4 week match ban

With regards to requesting demos, if we feel a clan has requested demos in spite, the player who made the request will receive an official warning.