Getting Started: The Euro Domination Guide

Euro Domination is an online gaming community. We provide and run competitions to cater for online multiplayer games on the PC format. We pride ourselves on providing a cheat-free gaming experience for all players and clans in the community.

arrowAbout Euro Domination
arrowOur Anticheat Policy

If you ever get lost on the website, you can use the easy-to-follow Sitemap to find your way around the website.

Getting you and your clan involved at Euro Domination is pretty easy. Just follow our six-step guide below:
To create a new clan in Euro Domination, or to join an existing clan, or to take part in any activities, you must first create a personal account on our website. Please read the Terms of Service carefully before you register.

arrowAdd GUID
To be allowed to play in Euro Domination matches you need to submit your personal GUID. All submitted GUIDs are checked for validity and linked bans before you are cleared to play, this process can take up to 48 hours to complete but is often less.
arrowFrequently Asked Questions about Punkbuster and GUIDs
A unique GUID is registered to every CD Key of a Punkbuster game. With your game installed, you will have a unique GUID, this is a form of identification which used to identify you from any other player.

arrowRegister a new clan
arrowRequirements for New Clans
To register a clan, you have to meet the requirements. All clan registrations are manually handled, and your answers given will be checked, so please answer accurately and truthfully. Your clan application may take up to 24 hours to process.

To join an existing clan, give your Clan Leader or Deputy your Euro Domination user name and ask him/her to complete the above steps.

arrowAdd new clan members
To add new clan members, click on the link above and on the new page simply click on the 'Find User' button. On the next page, fill in their username (or any other details) and you will be presented with a list of results. Click on the appropriate user and then the option to add the user to your clan will be presented on the next page.
arrowAdd new servers to your clan
To add new (match or public) servers, click on the link above and on the new page click on 'Add server'. Fill in all the fields and submit your server once finished. You're ready to play official matches on your server. It is recommended to mark 'Stream PBBans through E-Dom account automatically'. This way, you don't have to worry about your server being added to the PBBans hub. Once a server is added, you can check that it is set up correctly by visiting your clan's server mamangement page here
arrowSetting up your servers

In order to use your server for Euro Domination matches, you must set up your server to the required specifications. These required specifications can be found in the game rules pages. The required configs and tools to set up your server can be downloaded from the Downloads page. With all downloaded material, a readme is provided - to assist you with the set up of your match server.

arrowSign up for competitions
Click on the link above if your clan likes to play competitive matches. It will show all the available cups, competitions and leagues you are able to join.
arrowCompetition formats
There are a number of different competition formats as described below. You can also click on the link above for more information.

Once accepted, a clan can play in one or more of the following competitions:
League Euro Domination League in which clans fight to occupy the countries of Europe in a divisional setup ordered by clan skill level.
Ladder Open Ladder, for short term open challenges against any other clan registered on Euro Domination. Often used as a means to get practice matches or as a replacement for scrims.
Tournament Road to Victory Tournament, runs periodically for around 10 weeks, in which clans play one match per week per gametype in a group setup.
Cup Cups, run approximately for one or two nights. The cups are typically of a single elimination knockout format where the last remaining team is the winner.

arrowArrange matches
This is the last stop before you can crush your opponents. Arrange your matches and have fun!

Arranging battles is self explanatory, if you need any assistance then ask for some Help & Support (see below).

arrowStaff & Contacts
You can visit the Staff & Contacts page to find the contact details for any Euro Domination staff member for advice. The webpage also details the admin's particular roles, so please do contact the appropriate member if staff. All staff members can speak good English and many can also speak a second language including Dutch, Croatian and Swedish.
arrowClan Admins
Clan Admins are staff members whose priority is to assist clans and players with day to day Euro Domination matters. Every clan is assigned a primary clan admin, this admin is your first point of call and you can find out who your clan admin is by visiting your team's profile.
arrowHelp & Support Forums
If you have a burning question or a frustrating problem, don't hesitate to post for help on the Help & Support forums. A Euro Domination admin and/or member of the community will post a contsructive response as soon as possible.
arrowSteam Group
Euro Domination has its very own Steam group. The purpose of the group is to provide a network for all [E-Dom] Admins, Clan Leaders, Clan Deputies and Clan War Arrangers of the Euro Domination community.
With the group it is very easy to contact an [E-Dom] admin if you are in need of help and advice. In addition, you can contact the appropriate members from other clans that are actively involved in the Euro Domination scene - whether they are a Clan Leader/Deputy or are simply arranging wars for his/her clan.