Battle Details

Fixture: .:.suRe. v Sk|| (51391) Game: Modern Warfare 3 Modern Warfare 3 (rules)
Date: Sun 15 April 2012 Competition: Tournament Tournament (rules)
Time: 20:00 • Division: Second Division Promod HC
Squad size: 5v5 (4v4 or 6v6 if agreed in comments) Gametype: Search and Destroy
Server: Sk|| Match Server Ruleset: Promod HC (promod_hc)
Server IP: United Kingdom Week: 2: Mon 21 Apr - Sun 27 Apr 2014
Twitter: Facebook:
Password: ****** Deadline: Arrange before Sat 19 Apr 2014
Server status: Unknown / Server offline Map(s):
Arkaden (mp_plaza2)
Status: Result confirmed


V Sk||
Posted by Head Admin Don Rafael from [E-Dom] on Thu 12 April 2012 23:15.
Pay attention! New rule about Ambient Occlusion, read here for more information.
Posted by Member helldog from Sk|| on Sun 15 April 2012 16:03.
thanks for the heads-up will tell the rest of the clan so we won't make the mistake..
Posted by Leader WRabbit from .:.suRe. on Sun 15 April 2012 20:56.
Good game guys had me on the edge of my seat. :D
Posted by Leader LoneGun from Sk|| on Sun 15 April 2012 22:08.
gg guys