Euro Domination Setup

Euro Domination League

In the Euro Domination League runs in seasons of approximately 3 months, during this season clans fight to conquer countries across Europe. Each new clan that joins the league will start without any countries under their control. Each country has a map associated with it, that map will be the battleground to fight on for occupancy of that country.

The league is divided into different divisions ordered by clan skill level. Euro Domination requires new clans to play 3 open ladder matches (see below) so their skill can be assessed before being places into a division.

The Euro Domination league comes with a unique challenge and rejection system that also attempts to create a balance between clans within a division.

At the end of a season, the clan that occupies most countries in a division, wins. After a short break, a new season starts all over!
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Open Ladder

Open Ladder is what is says. It is made for clans to start up on Euro Domination, to get to know the mods used and the rules that count here.

The Euro Domination Ladder rating system is based on the Glicko-2 rating system. It extends the ELO rating system that is widely used in most other ladders.
Microsoft's TrueSkill rating system for the Xbox Live borrows many ideas from the Glicko system.

The Glicko scale consists of a rating, rating deviation and volatility.


A best guess of the clan's strength, similar to ratings in the ELO system. Clans start at a rating of 1500.

Rating deviation

The rating deviation (RD) measures the uncertainty in a rating (high RD's correspond to unreliable ratings). A high RD indicates that a clan may not be competing frequently or that a clan has only competed in a small number of games. A low RD indicates that a clan competes frequently. Playing against a very certain clan in the Glicko ranking system allows an uncertain clan to move up or down in larger steps than in the case when playing against another uncertain clan.


Measures the consistency of a clan's results. It is used for calculations and not displayed. The volatility measure is high when a player has erratic performances (e.g., when the player has had exceptionally strong results after a period of stability), and the volatility measure is low when the player performs at a consistent level.

Practical things

When calculating ratings, the system looks at the outcome of the match (win/loss/draw) as well as the win margin. This means that the more rounds/points won, the more the winner's rating will increase (and the loser's rating will decrease). Every round counts.

Low-ranked clans are given an incentive to play against highly ranked clans. Even when the low-ranked clan loses, they might still win points. The high-skilled clans may lose points when only marginally beating a clan that is very low skilled.

The rules are the same as for the normal Euro Domination League.

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Road to Victory Tournament

The E-Dom Road To Victory Tournament is set up according to the Round-Robin approach, in which each participant plays every other participant once. Each week, a clan plays one match per gametype that the clan has signed up for. The total number of weeks depend on the amount of clans that are in a group. Groups will typically consist of around 10 clans, which leads to 9 weeks of competition
Unlike in the E-Dom League and Ladder, draws can happen in the Tournament. A win is awarded by 3 points, a draw by 1 point, and a loss by 0 points. When all matches have been played, the clan with the highest score wins the group. In case of equal number of points, the largest differenced between "points for" and "points against" scored in matches will determine the winner
All matches are to be played 5v5, except if both clans agree to play 4v4 or 6v6. Such an agreement is only valid if both clans have confirmed the agreement in the fixture comments
Each week, a different map is played. Depending on the size of the groups, the number of maps to be played may be less than the number of different maps available. In such cases, the least played map(s) in the past 2 months will not be included
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Euro Domination Cups

The cups are typically of a single elimination knockout format where the last remaining team is the winner.
The cups are run periodically, typical in between the League/Tournament seasons. The duration of a cup is typically 3-4 matches over a period of 1 or 2 nights.
Unless specified otherwise, all matches are to be played 5v5, except if both clans agree to play 4v4 or 6v6. Such an agreement is only valid if both clans have confirmed the agreement in the fixture comments
Each round, a different map is played. The maps to be played will typically be the most played maps in the cup's respective Open Ladder. However, sometimes this may not be the case depending on the theme of the cup, for example only custom maps will be played in a 'Custom Map' cup.
The draw for the cup is usually done 24 hours before the first round of matches are due to commence. The draw will be undertaken by two or more impartial members of the community with the guidance of Euro Domination admins. Once the draw is complete, the fixtures will shortly be available on each participating clan's Batlle Planner.
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